The Photographer for Fine Craft and Art

Bob Barrrett lives and works in New York's Hudson Valley. He began working as a commercial product and architectural photographer in New York City in the early 1970s. At the same time, he became involved with the then nascent American craft movement, when he began shooting the work of many craftspeople and documenting the craft scene at the ACC Bennington show in 1972. Later, in 1977, he brought his portable studio to the ACC Rhinebeck Craft Fair and began the concept of studio photography on location, a practice he has continued to this day, shooting at Baltimore, Rhinebeck, New Paltz, and many other shows.

In 2004, Bob completed and opened a new studio in New Paltz, where many craftspeople visit him or ship him work from across the country. Here he uses an extensive array of equipment to deliver the variety of lighting that is his signature. His use of tungsten, electronic flash, and fiber-optic equipment of every variety extends his palette far beyond the normal range.

Bob's photographs of American craft have appeared internationally in books, encyclopedias, and magazines, such as American Craft, Metalwork, Ceramics Monthly, Niche, Lapidary Journal, and American Style, among others. Most importantly, these images have been used successfully by hundreds of clients for jurying, advertising, and publicity.


Bob Barrett   Serving the American craft community for over 30 years both on location and in the studio